Without a doubt, the most negative aspect of onion is that it makes us cry, but for the rest, it is a real nutritious treasure and an essential part of our gastronomy. It is a very old food, and among its layers hides numerous nutritional and medicinal properties,

Onion is a biennial from the amaryllis family; a weighty onion is covered with dry husk. Generally, the internal scales of onions are white, and dry husks are yellow or golden. However, there are other varieties, for example, white and red onions also.

The onion plant contains sulphurous volatile essences that give it its characteristic spicy flavor; one of these components dissolves rapidly in water and produces sulfuric acid, hence it makes us tear tears when we cut it.

In diameter, the bulb can reach about 15 cm. During flowering, hollow green arrows appear from its upper part, which are also used in food.

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Onion’s Chemical Composition and Calories

The health benefits and harms of onions are very diverse, and they are determined by the composition of vegetable it contains:

An Onion Composed of following vitamins and minerals.
Vitamin A and vitamin C;
Vitamins B1, B2 and B9;
Vitamins PP and E;

A small amount of organic acids and fiber;
Potassium, iron, manganese and zinc;
Ash; Iodine, cobalt, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium;
Sodium, copper and fluorine.

The calorie content of fresh onions is very low - only 41 kcal per 100 g. However, if consumed rationally, it is completely safe vegetable for the figure.

Benefits And Useful properties of Onions

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Onion has a considerable amount of valuable health properties. If you add it to food in small portions regularly.

Onion has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and help to cope with bacteria, viruses and fungi;

Onion is beneficial for intestinal parasites and will allow you to quickly get rid of them with improvised methods;

Onion Contribute to the removal of excess fluids and toxins from the body;

Onion is beneficial for vascular and heart ailments, helps to regulate blood pressure and restore sleep;

Onion Regulates cholesterol and relieve insomnia and anemia;

Onion helps to quickly deal with skin lesions and irritations;

Onion benefits the liver and kidneys, stomach and urinary tract;

Onion protects joints from deposits of harmful salts and prevents gout.

The immunomodulatory properties of onion are widely known - it is very useful to use it in the cold season.

For men

The benefits of onions for the male body are enormous. Onion has a positive effect on the state of the reproductive system. When eating onions, potency improves and the quality of the genetic material increases. In addition, Onion provides effective assistance with prostate adenoma - relieves inflammation and reduces pain.

The beneficial effect of Onion on blood vessels prolongs the life of men, as it protects against the development of heart attacks and strokes.

For women

Onion benefits the women health also, it helps to maintain a healthy hormonal background. Onion contains a lot of vitamin B9. Onion reduces natural discomfort during menstruation, increases libido and prevents the development of diseases of the reproductive system.

Onion slows the effects of aging and protects female beauty. Onion makes the skin more elastic and keeps it fresh and young, Onion helps to eliminate the problem of brittle hair and brittle nails.

Onion for pregnant and lactating Women

For women during the period of bearing a child, onions are very valuable - it contains a lot of B9 folic acid, which is important for the fetus. Pregnant mothers can use onion, It is safe for them, consume up to a completely small bulb per day in combination with other products, and not just like that. In addition to the fact that onion will benefit the fetus, it will protect the woman from colds and help cope with any inflammation.

However, during lactation, Onions should consume carefully, it may cause harm. In addition to the fact that the baby may be allergic to the product, the properties of onions also slightly change the taste of mother's milk. Sometimes this leads to the child's refusal to feed. Therefore, it is necessary to include the onion into the diet gradually and in small portions so that it may not harm the health of the baby.

Onion for Children

Useful properties of Onion are same for adults and children. In the child’s diet, Onion benefits to strengthen immune system, boosts resistance against viruses and diseases and improves digestion; Onion improves the performance baby’s nervous system.

However, use of an onion is not recommended for infants. As it may cause to burn sensitive baby mucous membranes or trigger allergies. If necessary, give onion into the diet in a processed form - after boiling and grinding.

Onion For weight loss

Raw onions benefit in dietary nutrition - Onion effectively helps to reduce excess body fat. There are several reasons for this - onions cleanse the body from accumulated toxins, accelerate the processes of metabolism and absorption of beneficial substances into the blood.

Onion for Poor Blood Circulation

The flavonoids and antioxidants in onion help to prevent the formation of blood clots, promote blood circulation and helps fight diseases related to poor circulation. Include onion in your diet and eat raw onions in salads.

Onion for Promoting Hair Health

Onion is the rich source of zinc and sulfur, it promote hair health and best solution for all types of scalp and hair problems. Grind 2,3 onions and extract their juice, apply it on your scalp and rinse after 15 minutes. Repeat this process at least couple of times in a week. It will enhance blood flow to head and strengthen weak hair roots, removes dandruff and prevent hair fall.


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