Due to stressful and long working hours, irregular eating habits and excessive junk food consumption, problems like stomach unrest, diabetes, obesity and excess of belly fat are common. Thanked God! People have now realized the importance of healthy life and they are looking towards alternative and simple diet plans, one of them is Keto or Ketogenic diet plan that has grabbed people attention in very short time period.    

What is Keto diet plan?

Ketogenic diet plan or keto diet plan consist of a diet with low-cab, modest protein and high amount of fat that is helpful to burn fat more effectively.
Using keto diet has numerous benefits for weight loss, body’s health and performance.
Keto diet exclusively benefits type 2 diabetes patients by losing excess body fat without hunger.
Eating diet with far fewer carbohydrates, moderate protein intake levels and increased fat intake levels will bring your body into a metabolic state called ketosis; keto diet encourages liver to produce “Ketones” (fuel molecules that are an alternative energy source for the body when body lacks blood sugar or glucose supply)

What can you eat on keto diet?

To understand, what to eat on keto diet can be complicated for you, especially if you are a beginner, actually, keto diet simply focuses more on healthy fats and proteins and limits grains, it restricts your bad food eating habits.

Here is a synopsis of keto diet foods you can eat, followed by their brief details that will definitely help you to understand the basic idea behind the concept of keto diet.

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You should eat moderate amount of protein with your meals, taking lentils, beans, soy and similar other items would definitely benefit, but you should focus on lean protein sources, Turkey, chicken, fish and red meat in limited amount. Vegetarian raised Venison is an excellent source of lean protein.
You should also reduce the amount of high-fat meats you eat; things like burgers, steaks, pizzas can be consumed in moderate amount. Consider getting fats from healthier sources, Eggs are an excellent and affordable source of protein that can fulfill your nutrition needs too.


Although managing fruits is often hard on keto diet, as under keto diet plan, you are, allow to take only 20-25 gram carbs per day, but that does not mean that fruits are a nightmare. You can choose low-carb fruits to meet your nutrition needs; many delicious fruits come under low-carb category and eating these low-carb fruits in moderate quantity enable your body to perform its functions efficiently.
You should focus on fruits like Avocados, Berries (all types), Lemons, Limes, peaches and cantaloupes.



Vegetables play a crucial role in our healthy lifestyle. While following keto diet, you goal should be to maintain low carb. Intake level, Low starch and all vegetables that grow above the ground like bell peppers, spinach, lettuce, kale, broccoli, kale etc. are keto friendly low-carb vegetables. While below the ground vegetables, also known as “tubers” like carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes etc. might have high starch and high carb. Level, therefore be cautious to include these vegetables into your diet.

Essential Fats 

Taking healthy fats in daily diet is quite important for a healthy lifestyle, but it becomes even more important when we talk about keto diet, where fat intake contributes 70% to 80% of your overall daily caloric intake. Therefore, healthy fat consumption is the key factor in a successful keto diet plan. Eating sufficient amount of fats will keep you satiated for longer time as compared to carbohydrates, and helps to control your cravings also.
When we talk about healthy fat sources, then avocado oil is the rich source of healthy fats and provides sufficient quantity of minerals and vitamins.
Research shows that avocados and their oil is beneficial for heart health and helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Take raw avocado oil or add it in salads and smoothies to boost their flavor and nutrition. Use it in salad dressing and other keto related recipes.
Olives and Olive oil is another proven source of getting healthy fats, loaded with rich amount of vitamin E and due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Olive oil reduces the risks of heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis.
Use premium quality extra virgin oil in your diet, drizzle it over veggies to add taste or consume it on an empty stomach.
While coconut oil, coconut butter, certified butter, cocoa butter, mustard oil etc. are also rich source of healthy fats.


While following keto diet, dehydrating your body with simple water is excellent, but there are some low-carb keto drinks to fill your thrust.
Using tea and coffee could be another option, but without having sugar, and for wine lovers, an occasional use is ok.
Drinks like water, tea, and bone broth are useful and should be consumed whenever you want. While Kombucha, coconut water and other drinks should be restricted to one serving or less per day.
Alcoholic drinks should be consumed mindfully but while on keto, should be more careful. All alcoholic drinks contain toxins, that can badly effect the production of Ketones
Sugar loaded drinks like Beverages, soda, fruit juices, sports drinks, beer and high sugar alcohol etc. should be avoided.


When it comes to Dairy on keto diet, you should know that there are two types of dairy products, one are loaded with carbohydrates while others are filled with protein and fat, which definitely benefit ketosis.
Dairy products like butter, ghee, full fat yogurts, cream, and cheeses contain healthy fats and must include in your diet.
Nondairy milks such almond milk, coconut milk and hemp milk (without sweeteners) are also keto friendly and must include in your diet.


Among the people, who are going to begin keto diet plan, there is a general perception of giving up all their comforting routine foods, but need not to worry, you can still have many low-cab baked foods to enjoy on keto.
These low-cab flour substitutes are coconut flour, almond flour, hazelnut flour, psyllium husk, etc. while you are free to take rich taste of keto desserts on your keto diet.    


Keto diet is aimed to discipline our life and eating habits and it makes sense, artificial sweeteners and highly processed junky foods can temporarily taste us but in actual they poison us. Keto diet is just a realization to bring ourselves back to the nature.

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