A healthy and balanced weight reflects good health; Eating habits and selection of food play a key role in maintaining a healthy weight or losing your weight. Although exercise plays a major role but due to tight and busy life schedules, people often cannot maintain regularity in taking exercise, therefore, in order to fight the epidemic of obesity, from the past few years, low-fat and low-carb high fat diet (Ketogenic or keto diet) plans are in trending to lose weight. Studies showed that low-fat diet plans often did not provide desired results for weigh loss that’s why majority health officials are now recommending low-carb high fat diet plans.

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How effective is Keto diet for weight loss?

Today, Obesity and metabolic disorders have become a matter of concern for majority of world’s population. According to World Health organization report, At least 2.8 million young people die from obesity-related problems each year 
While metabolic disorder also affects many people in US, and may cause variety of other health problems.
To fight this, variety of keto diets have come up and some of them are backed by the research.

On the other hand, the medical science also supported the effectiveness of keto diet for weight loss (1) (2) (3)
Keto diet helps you to burn fat, maintaining muscle mass and improves many markers of disease
Ketogenic diet was found superior, even when total calorie intake is compared (4) (5)
Even a study revealed about the people on keto diet, have shed 2.2 times more weight as compared people on low-calorie low-fat diet while improvement in their HDL Cholesterol  and Triglyceride level was also recorded (6)
In another study keto diet was compared with Diabetes UK’s guidelines, it was found that the low-carb group shed 15.2lbs (6.9 kg), while the low-fat group shed only 4.6lbs (2.1kg). (7)
On the other hand, there is a contrast side that is not willing to change their mind, some researchers argue, the results are due to high intake of protein. (8)
 A study revealed that a group of 19 obese adults who spent two weeks in a metabolic ward in highly controlled environment, low-fat diet seemed to be equally as effective as low-carb diet for weight loss.  (9)
However, critics argue that the study period was short and having such a controlled environment is not possible in real life situation.
Another study, on free-living people showed that the low-fat diet is not so effective as compared to keto diet. People lose fat without any controlled and restricted food environment on keto diet; therefore applying keto diet plan to routine life is quite easy.

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Ketogenic diet is an effective diet for weight loss and it is backed by several researches. On the other hand, low-fat diet is only effective in controlled conditions. Therefore, losing weight with Ketogenic diet is a best option for Obese People with free-living life style without the botheration of counting calories

 How keto diet helps to reduce weight?

Keto diet supports weight loss in following ways:-

Reduce hunger and cravings:

Fat and protein lacking diet often causes rise in appetite, consuming sufficient amount of protein controls hunger and craving,  low-carb high fat diet have an ability to reduce hunger and craving for sugary foods, making easier for weight loss and caloric restriction.  (10)

Higher Protein Intake:

Protein is the basic nutrient for weight loss and good-looking body, High protein intake suppresses cravings, optimizes metabolism activity, increases overall daily calorie burning, and speeds up the process of weight loss.

Decreases Insulin Resistance:

Insulin is an essential hormone, produced in our body by the pancreas, and we cannot survive without it, when it is chronically too high in our body, body cells resist accepting it more that is insulin resistance. Insulin resistance often accompanies type 2 diabetes, which is a very common cause of obesity, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) Heart diseases and other metabolic disorders        
Ketogenic diet reduces insulin resistance by restoring normal insulin function (11)
Healthy insulin function fights inflammation while poor insulin function might increase it.

Healthy fat diet:

Keto diet include several healthy fat foods such as avocados, flax seeds, nuts and seeds butters, hemp hearts, olives and olive oil, unrefined coconut oil, fatty fish, cheese, butter and whole eggs, when you consume these healthy fats additionally, they promote HDL cholesterol levels. (12)

Starting keto diet for weight loss:

Starting keto diet plan seem overwhelming, while think about it, but does not have to be difficult. You should focus on these points to get maximum results for weight loss.

Include Veggies:

High fat foods are rich in calories, so base your meal with low-carb veggies to fill your plate, additional intake of low-carb veggies like lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, spinach, avocado, kale, broccoli, green beans, olives, onions, carrots and potatoes  will help you feel full.

Include Low-Carb Foods:

Reducing carbs is a very effective approach for weight loss. It reduces appetite and automatically you consume fewer calories. Studies show that eating low carb diet loses weight two to three times more than a calorie-restricted low fat diet.
 Include high fat-low carb foods like eggs, meat, dairy and sugar free beverages in your diet. Avoid highly processed foods and unhealthy fats. Avoid high sugar foods, like sodas, fruit juices, and chocolate milk; these are the most fattening products we have today.

Drink More Water:

Drinking plenty of water is the simplest way to increase weight loss, doing so can expedite the fat burning rate up to 90 percent. Drinking 8 glasses of water (2 litter approx.) per day can burn about 90 more calories. However, timing is an important factor; drinking water before your meals reduces your hunger and decrease calorie consumption.
Caffeinated beverages such as green tea or coffee are also beneficial. Caffeine content also adds little to boost metabolism.


Ketogenic diet focuses on low-carb high-fat foods. However, some sources of fat are healthier than others. Sticking to healthier ones would definitely increase chances of weight loss. Another thing is your consistency, Be Consistent and reduce weight slowly and gradually, instead of decreasing pounds drastically and be fat again. Studies also suggest gradual weight loss healthy and long lasting.


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